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Lady Morgana fan community

Lady Morgana appreciation community
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Lady Morgana, the seer

Welcome to morgana_seer.
A fan community dedicated to the character of Lady Morgana in BBC's Merlin


1. All posts must be related in any way to Lady Morgana (ONLY the BBC series - no exceptions here).

2. Let's all be polite, have some respect for each other.

3. Chose a title that is adequate with a post content.

4. If there are any problems within the community (with the layout, other user, etc), please contact the moderator (yas_jazz)

5. Tag your entries so it'll be easier to find them later.

6. If you are posting multiple or large pictures, USE A LJ CUT.

7. All entries that violate our community rules will be deleted


Want to affiliate with us? Let me know yas_jazz

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